10 Jul 13 at 10 pm

roam the room (citizen cover)

HEY i just did this 4 my friend i just did it on the spot with the tab i wrote for the song i havent practised it in weeks but who care its about the emotions or something

06 Jul 13 at 9 pm

Modern Baseball - The Weekend

"you got a smile that could light this town, and we might need it

cause it gets dark around here, real dark around here”

10 Oct 12 at 1 am

hey hello i did this a while back watup listen to it ahhh

love your friends, die laughing (man overboard cover) 

02 Sep 12 at 1 am

hey i did a bad cover of Man Overboard's Love Your Friends, Die Laughing

"P R O P E R"
Into It. Over It.
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